CovrEDGE Maintenance Savings Analysis

This tool allows you to build a rough draft of your estate and provide some instant feedback. You can enter as many rows as you wish.

This tool is based off US pricing, and does not include all hardware that qualifies for CovrEDGE.


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  2. Select Product Family
  3. Select Part-ID
  4. Select SLA
  5. Select Quantity
  6. Select Add

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# Quantity Part ID SLA Extended SMARTnet Extended Edge-IP List Extended Software Access? Action

Summary Feedback

For the estate entered above, using a standard discount of 10% for SMARTnet, we estimate that your annual savings can be as much as {}.

You also might find it interesting that {} of your estate does not require SMARTnet in order to get IOS Updates.

Adopting a strategy that leverages using your current technology beyond the standard 3-5 year timeframe can save you as much as {} in CAPEX by forgoing your next refresh. We are using a standard discount of 50%

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CovrEDGE Analysis Includes:

  • 5-Year Savings Analysis- presents a plan to reduce your SMARTnet expenses primarily by focusing on hardware that does not require SMARTnet in order to get IOS updates
  • Remaining Life Expectancy- using documented MTBF from, see when hardware began shipping and how long Cisco expects it to be reliable
  • EoS Analysis- list End of Sale, End of SW Support, and End of Life data for all assets
  • Replacement Hardware- breaks down the performance and feature differences between your estate and the hardware Cisco is suggesting that you upgrade to
  • Software Analysis- Identifies the hardware platforms that do not require SMARTnet to obtain IOS updates, or identifies hardware where IOS is no longer in development
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