Maintenance Analysis

This tool allows you to build a rough draft of your estate and provide some instant feedback. You can enter as many rows as you wish. SImply select a product, your desired SLA, and quantity.

This tool is based off US pricing, and does not include all hardware that qualifies for EDGE-IP.

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Select the most common hardware from your actual estate below.

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# Quantity Part ID SLA Extended SMARTnet Extended Edge-IP List Extended Software Access? Action

Summary Feedback

For the estate entered above, using a standard discount of 10% for SMARTnet, we estimate that your annual savings can be as much as {}.

If your discount percentage on SMARTnet is different than 10%, you can enter if here and recalculate your estimated savings.

You also might find it interesting that {} of your estate does not require SMARTnet in order to get IOS Updates.

Adopting a strategy that leverages using your current technology beyond the standard 3-5 year timeframe can save you as much as {} in CAPEX by forgoing your next refresh.

If you would like to enter your own percentage, do so here

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EDGE-IP Analysis Includes:

  • 5-Year Savings Analysis- presents a plan to reduce your SMARTnet expenses primarily by focusing on hardware that does not require SMARTnet in order to get IOS updates
  • Remaining Life Expectancy- using documented MTBF from, see when hardware began shipping and how long Cisco expects it to be reliable
  • EoS Analysis- list End of Sale, End of SW Support, and End of Life data for all assets
  • Replacement Hardware- breaks down the performance and feature differences between your estate and the hardware Cisco is suggesting that you upgrade to
  • Software Analysis- Identifies the hardware platforms that do not require SMARTnet to obtain IOS updates, or identifies hardware where IOS is no longer in development
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